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West Park Facts and Figures

West Park Healthcare Centre helps patients get their lives back by providing specialized rehabilitative and complex care after a life‐altering illness or injury such as lung disease, amputation, stroke, and traumatic musculoskeletal injuries. 

Annual Revenue 2021-2022 (Year End March 2022) $118 million

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and LHIN - $100.0 million
Marketed Services & Ancillary Operations - $8.7 million
Patient Care and Other Agencies - $6.7 million
Healthcare Enterprises - $4.5 million
Amortization of Deferred Capital Contributions - $1.9 million
Investment Income - $0.7 million

Programs Offered:
Rehabilitation & Community Living
Complex Continuing Care
Long-Term Care

Centre Bed Complement 299
Rehabilitation Beds & Community Living 130
Complex Continuing Care Beds 169
Long-Term Care Centre Bed Complement 200

employees 2020

Number of Employees 1006
Number of Staff Physicians 43
Number of Volunteers 240

Other current information 

Leadership Team

Chair, Board of Director 
Kim Marshall 

President & CEO 
Anne-Marie Malek  

V.P. Finance & CFO 
Corinne Wong 

Chief of Staff/Chair, Medical Advisory Committee 
Dr. Bikramjit Dhillon 

V.P. Strategy, Innovation and CIO 
Jan Walker 

V.P. Planning and Development 
Shelley Ditty

V.P. People and Culture
Robert Cesario

Foundation CEO 
Doug Earle

Accreditation - Exemplary Standing 2018-2022

Academic Affiliations