Climate Resiliency

Advancing climate emergency preparedness in health care

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Modern day healthcare facilities, such as West Park, are now challenged by environmental interference as a result of a climate change. The City of Toronto has already begun to see the detrimental effects of extreme weather patterns created by a changing climate.

As a leading healthcare facility with a tenacious focus specializing in respiratory rehabilitation the Centre has established additional precautions and corresponding procedures to ensure the respiratory safety and well-being of staff, physicians, volunteers, students, and patients. West Park will now operate in accordance with the Government of Canada Air Quality Health Index report.

Future plans to ensure resiliency to inclement weather at West Park include a division of emergency response action plans branching from the existing emergency Code Grey system that supports climate specific threats or disasters. The emergency response action plans will identify vulnerable areas subject to potential failure or unavailability as a result of inclement weather.

The full case study can be found here 

Policies and Procedures

Air Quality Index and Operations - Heat and Cold Stress Policy