Black History Month

February and forever

Black History Month 2022

From the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Collaborative

February 1 is the first day of Black History Month – a time of reflection, celebration, and action.

In February, West Park's EDIC encourages everyone to join us as we acknowledge both the many achievements of the Black community as well as the barriers still in place that prevent equality.

West Park's EDIC will be starting the month off with a story of reflection: Five Black innovators in health care you should know. Even as many faced blatant racism and were edged out of opportunities because of the colour of their skin, many Black professionals in health care made huge strides in the sector that benefit countless people. Check back to for stories highlighting just a few of these historical healthcare heroes.

Later in the month we’ll be highlighting West Park staff members who have worked diligently to make the Centre a better place for all.

To wrap up the month, we will explore some of the barriers that members of the Black community still face in society, including in the workplace and in health care.

If you’re on campus and going to the cafeteria for a bite to eat, be sure to check out the display case later this month for an opportunity to learn more about Black history.

The theme of Black History Month in Canada is February and forever: Celebrating Black history every day. You can help celebrate by taking the time to learn more, such as through the resources available here.

Beyond February, you can celebrate and support one of the many entrepreneurs in Canada, such as through buying from a Black-owned business. Black Owned Toronto offers a one-stop shop for Black-owned businesses in the city.

Join us this February for a month of learning and appreciation. Happy Black History Month!