Diversity at West Park

Moving forward together

Diversity graphic

One of our strategic priorities is making West Park ‘A Great Place to Be’ and one of our values is ‘Respect.’

But as an organization, we can do better. We need to do better. 

In 2019, we embarked on new initiatives to help:

  • Remove barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion;
  • Incorporate an equity, diversity and inclusion lens into the day to day activities of West Park;
  • Create a more diverse, richer and inclusive workplace culture;
  • Acknowledge, identify and eradicate systemic racism at the hospital;
  • Develop policies and practices pertaining to equity, diversity and inclusion. 

We are committed to creating additional opportunities for staff and patients to share their feelings and ideas with us as we embrace diversity in all forms.

As an employer, and as part of the broader community, we commit to doing our part to eradicate racism and promote diversity.

“West Park is an organization with an employee and patient population that is truly reflective of one of the most proudly diverse cities in the world, and we will use this strength as we move forward.” Anne-Marie Malek, President and CEO, West Park Healthcare Centre

We encourage you to visit these pages to learn about the ongoing initiatives and events at West Park that are helping us move forward.