Volunteer Recognition Awards 2019

Congratulations to the volunteers who reached service milestones this year

David Garlin - right and Stephen Hudecki

r-l David Garlin with his 15-year service pin with Stephen Hudecki from Spiritual and Religious Care.


April 8-12, 2019 was a busy and wonderful week recognizing volunteers as part of National Volunteer Recognition Week.

This year volunteers were recognized at the start of their volunteer shift with volunteer supervisors writing personal thank you notes and each volunteer given a West Park branded cinch bag.

Those volunteers receiving long service awards received recognition at this time as well.

The full list of volunteers reaching service milestones is below:

1 Year

Felice Avena
Jesus Ayala
Navneet Baghiana
Lorna Beatty
Jaclyn Bedder
Palma Bellemo
Daniel Breitner
Andrea Buendia
Mordechai (Adrian) Chemel
James Cho
Michael Dunphy
Hamrita Dhinjal
Ricky Fan
Melissa Flores
Pino Galati
Meythula Gnanasegaram
Leela Husain
Wendy Jiang
Greg Lane
Mandy Lochan
Aida Magomedova
Joseph Minnetyan
Simon Ngo
Nghi Nguyen
Stephanie Nguyen
Steffan Orlando
Elif Otag
Shantel Persaud
LaeAnne Riley
Megan Smith
Jessica Song 
Joshua Thai
Manaum Zain

5 years

Kushal Chakraborty
Vince DeLorenzo
Albert Dieu
Andrew Hogg
Ana Jevric
Michael Palumbo
Marilynn Wong

10 years 

 Pansie Bromfield

15 years

Pilar Furio-Hong
David Garlin
Patricia Pankhurst
Audrey Peacock

20 years

Miriam Chong

25 years

Luciana Polloni

35 years

Margaret Roberts