Volunteer News


West Park Healthcare Centre’s volunteers celebrated

On May 26, 2017 West Park Healthcare Centre acknowledged volunteers for helping patients get their lives back.

25-Year Club

Two new members, Barry Donovan and Bob Inglis, joined the 25-Year Club. The full list of members is below.

  • Barry Donovan - 25 years of service
  • Bob Inglis – 25 years of service
  • Young Domson – 26 years of service
  • Renford Bailey – 27 years of service
  • Len Spear – 27 years of service
  • Jeanette Persaud – 29 years of service
  • Alan Dean – 30 years of service
  • Gavin Smith - 31 years of service
  • Louise Spittal - 32 years of service
  • Margaret Roberts - 33 years of service
  • Kristina Stekar - 33 years of service
  • Sylvia Kovich - 34 years of service
  • Bob Churchill – 35 years of service
  • Claus Garte – 35 years of service
  • Colleen Dodds – 42 years of service

Volunteer 25-year Club 2017

Many of the 25-year Club members were in attendance at the luncheon (l-r) Gavin Smith, Louise Spittal, Alan Dean, Barry Donovan, Bob Churchill, Young Domson, Colleen Dodds, Kristina Stekar, Sylvia Kovich, Margaret Roberts, and West Park President & CEO Anne-Marie Malek.



Margaret Roberts receives Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

Margaret Roberts Governor General Award 

Long-time West Park volunteer Margaret Roberts was honoured for a very special achievement April 24, receiving the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers by Governor General David Johnston at a special presentation at Rideau Hall.

Roberts was recognized for her commitment to West Park patients through the Buttonwood Catholic Pastoral
Services at West Park Healthcare Centre, where she has been dedicated to the well-being and spiritual healing of patients for over 30 years; and with Weston Area Emergency Support Food Bank, where she has inspired others - young and old alike - to help those less fortunate.

Congratulations on this outstanding achievement.