Application Process

    Research applications submitted to the West Park Healthcare Centre are processed by the Research and Evaluation Department

    Please refer to the West Park Application Checklist to ensure you submit a complete application package.

    Step 1. Operational Impact Assessment

    All research applications require operational impact assessment by a West Park manager or director responsible for the department where the research will be conducted.

    Step 2. Preparing the Research Application

    The following documents must be included with your research application:

    1) Cover letter addressed to Dr. Ron Heslegrave, Chair, Joint Research Ethics Board

    2) Joint Bridgepoint/West Park/Toronto Central CCAC Research Ethics Board (JREB) Application form

    3) Study protocol*

    • Introduction
    • Literature Review
    • Methods
    • Clinical Relevance
    • Operational Impact
    • Budget information
    • Project Time Line
    • References
    • Informed Consent Form (written in lay terms)
      Please include Dr. Heslegrave’s information:
      Dr. Ron Heslegrave, Chair, Joint Research Ethics Board
      82 Buttonwood Avenue, Toronto ON M6M 2E6
      416-243-3600 x4333
    • Appendices

    4) Research Study Operational Impact Assessment form signed by a West Park Director or Manager

    5) Abbreviated CVs (no longer than 7 pgs) for PI and co-applicants

    6) Previous REB ethics certificates, if available (External researchers must provide an REB ethics certificate from their institutional REB. This requirement is waived only if their home institution does not operate an REB)

    * Note that for retrospective chart applications, a protocol/proposal is not required provided that the Form for Access to Retrospective Data for Research is sufficiently complete to justify the scientific purpose and the waiver of consent. Please err on the side of more information. Should the Chair deem it necessary, a protocol/proposal might be requested mainly for the purposes of supplementing the form. The goal is to reduce the burden on investigators seeking chart review approval only though sufficient justification from a scientific, ethical and privacy perspective is still required.

    Step 3. Submitting the Research Application

    Please send the following:

    Full Review

    1) The original and 2 extra copies (with signatures) of the complete application package to:
    Ruby Paner
    Research and Evaluation
    West Park Healthcare Centre
    82 Buttonwood Avenue
    Toronto, Ontario M6M 2E6
    2) An electronic copy of the complete application package (with signatures) to

    Expedited Review

    1) The original and 1 extra copy (with signatures) of the complete application package to the above address.
    2) An electronic copy of the complete application package (with signatures) to

    For assistance with application submissions and operational impact assessment please contact Ruby Paner at 416-243-3600 x4333.

    Application Forms