Your guide to parking locations and rates

The parking lot in front of the Main Building, Long-Term Care Centre and the Ruddy Building are reserved primarily for visitors and patients who are not staying overnight. If you’ve been admitted to West Park as an in-patient, please do not leave your car in the lot, unless you have made special arrangements with a Service Manager.

Please respect the “NO PARKING” signs marking designated fire routes. Emergency response teams count on these routes being clear. Fines for parking in these routes are high.


West Park Campus Map


Parking is available at modest prices at hourly, daily and monthly rates. Those authorized to use accessible spaces still must pay for parking. NOTE: Parking payment machines only accept coins and credit cards. A change machine is located in the Main Building across from communications, but bring change or use your credit card to avoid inconvenience.

Parking fees help support patient programs at the Centre.

Parking Rates 2018 

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