What is Behaviour-Based Interviewing

Behaviour-Based Interviewing (BBI) is a structured interview that is used to collect information about skills and behavioural characteristics that a candidate would have demonstrated in a past situation within a job role.

BBI interviewing uses skill-based interview questions to uncover the behavioural and technical skills of the candidate to match the job. This interview approach is based on the idea that past performance predicts future performance. Using a BBI approach reduces interviewer bias and promotes fair and equitable hiring.

The goal is to find the right candidate with the required skills and right-fit for the job.

Benefits of Using a BBI Interview Approach

  • Asks the candidate questions on how they have demonstrated a particular skill/behaviour in the past -e.g., “Tell me about a time when you had to ....”;
  • Reduces the candidate’s ability to be less than honest;
  • Typically results in more effective and unbiased selection decisions;
  • Allows the interviewer to collect data about a person’s actual job-related skills/behaviours from the past;
  • Minimizes biases and steers interviewer away from questions that may violate the Ontario Human Rights Code;
  • Taps into a variety of past work experiences;
  • Results in a better job-person fit with increased retention rates.