Advisory: Fraudulent Employment

West Park does not recruit internationally for staff positions

West Park Healthcare Centre does not actively recruit internationally for nursing, therapist or other healthcare staff positions.

Any recruitment efforts and job offers in other countries using West Park’s name, our logo or the names of individuals working at West Park are fake and should be ignored.  

In the past, job scams targeting nurses and other healthcare professionals in India and the Philippines have falsely pretended to be from West Park or other Ontario hospitals. They have often required money to be paid during the recruitment process. West Park is not associated with any such recruitment and we encourage anyone contacted to not participate in this scam. 

As an ethical employer, West Park Healthcare Centre has never and will never authorize any person, agency or recruitment firm to collect/receive payment from candidates at any point during the recruitment and employment process.

If you become aware of a family member or friend of yours outside of Ontario who has been contacted using this or any other fraudulent schemes, please urge them to not participate.

Here are some helpful tips should you receive recruitment information that seems fraudulent. 

Warning Sign

Warning Signs
They request personal information up front such as passport, birth certificate, driver’s license or other documents with sensitive information. Emails are not sent from web based email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, or AOL. They also use mobile or cell phone numbers instead of office numbers that can be traced back to a company or location. 

Police head and shoulders
Notify the Police
If you believe you have received a fraudulent communication, we would advise that you contact your local police authorities. 


Do Not Respond
We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited offers of employment from persons, agencies, or recruitment firms falsely claiming to recruit on behalf or be affiliated with West Park Healthcare Centre.