Design Innovation Workshop

May 2015

Design Innovation Workshop West Park staff examine best options for the layout of the New Hospital at the Design Innovation Workshop. View video    

West Park’s campus development was transformed into reality as 60 patients, physicians, employees and volunteers came together to brainstorm possible designs, creating mock-ups of what inpatient and outpatient areas may look like.

Participants at the four-day workshop initially created 2D designs, then built small-scale models of clinical areas and rooms to test space and flow.

The design is “maximizing the best patient experience and well-being physically, socially and mentally,” said Dr. Albert Tsang. “I am really impressed that these components are being taken into consideration here at this (planning) event.”

The innovative workshop – being used for the first time in planning an Ontario hospital of its kind – took place off-site at a Brampton convention centre. The extra space was needed by the third day to house the full-scale models they built of one-bed and two-bed patient rooms, and an exam room.

The rooms included many amenities, such as a bed, sink, computer area and even a hand-washing area, all while ensuring they were wheelchair accessible and provided good patient/staff flow. At the end of the workshop, everyone had a chance to explain the attributes of their chosen design.

“The four days were amazingly informative and an eye-opener for a better tomorrow in health care at West Park,” said West Park patient Fere Humble.

View video 

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