West Park is in the Zone

City Council approves amended zoning app

City Council

West Park received approval for a zoning amendment application to build a six-storey hospital building to meet the growing healthcare needs of the next generation.

The pieces continue to fall into place. After a year long process, Toronto City Council approved on March 9, without debate, West Park’s zoning amendment application to build an all-new, six-storey, approximately 730,000 square foot hospital facility.

The original zoning application in 2010 proposed constructing a smaller facility that would connect to the existing 40-year-old Main Building requiring extensive renovations. As healthcare standards have changed, West Park reexamined its plans and determined it was more feasible operationally and financially to build a larger facility that would house patient services in a single building, with the exception of long-term care services.

As a result, the new plans changed the size and location of the new hospital and West Park had to update its zoning application, which was submitted in February 2016. A community consultation was held in July 2016, followed by Etobicoke York Community Council’s approval in February 2017 and finally City Council this month.

“Though it has certainly been a complex process, the outcome supports our vision for the project,” says David Garlin, Planner for West Park’s Campus Development team.

West Park recently announced three prequalified teams to design, build, finance and maintain the new hospital. The teams were selected based on their design and construction experience, as well as the qualified personnel and financial capacity, to deliver a project of West Park’s size and complexity.

With final approval by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Infrastructure Ontario, the next step will be for the three prequalified teams to respond to a Request for Proposal. Teams will each submit a proposal to include architectural drawings, project costs, construction plans and timeline. In 2018, the winning proponent will be announced and construction will begin.

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