Gateway Entrance

New Beacon for West Park

West Park's Gateway Entrance Sign On June 26, 2013, West Park unveiled its Gateway Entrance sign at the corner of Eglinton and Emmett Ave. The prominent signage is the first symbolic stake-in-the-ground for the hospital's redevelopment.

The symbolic first stake-in-the-ground for West Park Healthcare Centre’s multimillion-dollar redevelopment was unveiled on June 26 with the construction of a new 7.6 metre (25-foot) sign firmly rooted along one of Toronto’s major arterial thoroughfares.

The sign at the north-west corner of Eglinton and Emmett Avenues, features a double-sided, full-coloured LED screen that will promote West Park services and community events.

West Park's Gateway Entrance sign

“This will serve as a beacon for West Park, providing people better access and awareness of the hospital,” says Anne-Marie Malek, President and CEO of West Park Healthcare Centre. “Starting today, people will know where we are and how West Park’s redevelopment will meet the healthcare needs of the next generation.”

Addressing the hospital’s long-standing challenge of visibility within the community, the sign was made possible by the support of York South-Weston City Councillor Frances Nunziata and a generous gift by David Weishuhn and Martin Donnelly of Direct Energy.

The new, prominent landmark is part of the larger Gateway Entrance Project that also aims to redirect access to West Park’s campus off Eglinton and Emmett Avenue, instead of Jane Street and Weston Road.

Road to Recovery Street Sign

Road to Recovery SignThe southern portion of Emmett Avenue has also been ceremonially billed as the “Road to Recovery.” A ceremonial street designation is a special recognition of the work or efforts of an individual or group.

Though the official street name remains Emmett Avenue, adding the “Road to Recovery” to the street signs enhances the streetscape and firmly roots West Park in the community.

Traffic Lights

Staff, patients and family members and neighbourhood residents will be happy to know traffic lights have been installed at Eglinton and Emmett Avenues.

Many drivers find it tough to make a left-turn safely onto Eglinton, one of Toronto’s most travelled roads, especially during rush hour. The intersection is also considered dangerous given the road is curved in both directions, making it difficult to judge traffic speed.

Local residents applauded Councillor Nunziata’s announcement of the traffic lights at a public consultation on the Gateway Entrance Project held at West Park on January 14, 2013. She had been advocating for the traffic lights for over 20 years.

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