Hospital Users Take Owernship

Results of Mock-Up Open House

Mock-Up Open House 

There was no shortage of visitors and feedback written on bright sticky-notes at Campus Development’s Design Lab that featured full-scale, cardboard mock-ups of patient spaces for the new hospital. Throughout June, 250 plus patients, families, staff, physicians and volunteers collectively provided more than 900 comments on potential floor and equipment layouts of a single and double patient room, exam room and communication centre (i.e. nursing station).

“The value of the mock-up process was immeasurable! This experience gave us the ability to visually understand the function of the rooms and generate discussions to find the best solutions,” says Vanessa Ciufo, Office Supervisor of Rehab Plus. “It helped me envision our new campus which will provide exemplary care for patients and loved ones for generations to come."

Created by a group of patients, staff and physicians, the mock-ups considered design elements that would meet patient care needs, comfort and safety, as well as staff requirements to meet healthcare standards like infection control and emerging technologies.

The West Park community was then invited to help refine the spaces. People were given a marker and sticky-notes to post their comments on how the space could be better.

"It was wonderful to be able to visualize our home in the future," says Paul Feldman, a patient who has lived at West Park for two years. "It had all the comforts of home."

Summary of Themes

Below is a summary of the positive aspects visitors liked about the proposed designs, along with themes of major areas for further discussion.

Positive Aspects Overall

  • Turning circles within the room and washroom
  • Expansive views to the outside
  • One washroom per patient, even for those in double occupancy rooms
  • Clear sightline to the bed from the door
  • Sleeper chair and family zone

Major Themes for Single and Double Rooms


  • Amount of space in shower area
  • Location of and space of wheelchair charging station
  • Location and configuration of wardrobe


  • Positioning of sharps container and personal protective equipment (i.e. gloves, masks, etc.)
  • Cleaning of “wet” bathroom, which is a fully tiled room with a curtain around the shower area
  • Replenishing the supply closet outside the patient room
  • Location and disposing of soiled linen hamper

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

  • Accessibility (e.g. have multiple touchpoints like voice activation for integrated bedside terminal (IBT), height adjustable and handheld shower heads, etc.)
  • Type of patient lifts
  • From the bed, a clear line-of-sight for patient items such as television, IBT, whiteboard, etc.
  • Positioning and number of emergency pulls in the washroom
  • Shelving in patient and washroom area

Major Themes for Exam Room

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

  • Privacy concern of computer terminal
  • Positioning of personal protective equipment

Major Themes for Communication Centre


  • More accessible reception table
  • Amount of space for charting

What’s next?

Campus Development is carefully cataloging all the comments. Depending on the suggestion, they will be further explored, brought forth to the corresponding person or groups responsible for consideration and incorporated into the design documents as appropriate.

For questions or comments, please contact us at 416-243-3600 ext. 2111 or