Community Consultation

Hospital Development Site Plan Application

Community Consultation

Public transit, traffic, parking and trees were among the issues community members raised at the community consultation meeting July 5 to discuss the site plan application for West Park’s new hospital.

About 30 people attended the event chaired by York South-Weston City Councillor Frances Nunziata. York South-Weston MPP Laura Albanese was also in attendance to show her support for the capital project.

Since updating its plans to build an all-new hospital facility, versus an addition to the existing Main Building, West Park had to submit a new zoning application to build a six-storey hospital. The change in plans is driven by the need to meet current healthcare standards and building codes, which have changed significantly since the initial plans were submitted several years ago.

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Below is also a summary of the questions and topics raised at the community meeting.

Building and Land Use

Q1. How much larger is the new proposed hospital facility versus the original proposal?  

A. West Park is requesting a total floor area of about 5,000 square metres more (+3%) in order to deliver all its hospital services on the campus under one roof.

Up until recently, the current Main Building was to undergo minor renovations and retrofits, and connect to the new hospital, so services may be delivered in both buildings. Since healthcare standards and buildings codes have changed since the original proposal, major renovations to its Main Building would have been needed. It is now more cost-effective and efficient to demolish the Main Building and build a single, new and larger facility. As a result, the new hospital facility needs additional space to accommodate all hospital services on the campus in one building.

Q2. In the site plan application, there is a parcel of land called Block C – Flex Lands. What does West Park intend to do with this?         

 A. In all redevelopment applications, the provincial government requires hospitals to plan for expansion in the event demand for additional development is needed at some unspecified time in the distant future. Therefore, West Park has designated Block C, which is located in front of the new hospital building, as “flexible lands” that in the foreseeable future would be used only for surface parking.

Q3. How many beds are zoned for the Non-Hospital Development (NHD)?

A. The Non-Hospital Development (NHD) is zoned for 645 beds/units. The zoning allows for new tiered buildings ranging from four to 18 storeys, with the lower structures closest to Charlton Settlement Avenue.

In 2015, West Park signed an Offer to Lease with Amico Properties Inc. and they are in discussions with potential tenants. Services in these buildings may include supportive housing, hospice, community-based services and doctor’s offices.  

Q4. Will the NHD have underground parking?
A. Yes, the NHD buildings will have underground parking to accommodate its tenants and visitors.

Patients, Residents and Services

Q1. Are there any plans for West Park to provide in-home care to service the aging population?

A. One of the anchors of West Park’s capital project is to extend our services into the community. With the Non-Hospital Development, we are hoping to bring community-based services to the site that reach out into the community and support required for people to remain living independently.  

Q2. The new plan will place a busy road in front of the Long-Term Care Centre (LTCC) and residents will have less access to green space. Has there been consideration for the LTCC residents?  

A. West Park is looking into effective traffic calming measures such as speed bumps, traffic signs, tactile or coloured paving, crosswalk, etc., to cue drivers to slow down.

In addition to the current three landscaped courtyards LTCC residents can access within their facility, the Central Plaza located diagonally across the home will offer a communal green space for those seeking socialization and recreation. Sidewalks will also connect the LTCC directly to additional green space.  

Parking, Transportation and Traffic

Q1. Will TTC be coming back to campus?  

A. In 2015, we had preliminary discussions with TTC representatives and City Councillor Frances Nunziata to bring bus service back to West Park. When we presented our campus development plans, the TTC was encouraged that the new hospital and planned residential development could boost ridership enough to justify bus service onto the campus.

We will keep the TTC updated throughout the project and continue to strongly advocate for a TTC route through the campus.

Q2. Will Campus Drive become a public road so TTC can come onto the campus?  

A. The current application proposes a private road that has the look and feel of a public road. There are certain requirements for a road to become public, such as the width of the road. TTC can still access the West Park campus even if it is private, as it does in other places such as Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. 

Q3. If the TTC came onto the campus, would the buses enter and exit from the same route, or will the buses do a circular route to pick-up passengers along Emmett Avenue?

A. Space for a bus stop and shelter is being planned on the new Campus Drive. It is too early to say whether the buses will enter and exit from the same route.  

Q4. How will the two construction projects impact local traffic?  

A. As part of the Campus Development project, West Park will relocate its Main Entrance onto the campus to the west-end off of Emmett Ave. This will divert traffic from going up Emmett Avenue and navigating through the local streets like Verona Ave., Charlton Settlement Ave. and Dora Spencer Rd.

Trees, green space and environment

Q1. How many trees will be removed?

A. West Park will be preserving almost 60 per cent of the trees on its site including the Hospital and Non-Hospital Development.

An arborist report concluded that a number of trees will be removed, but almost all trees within the Ravine Protection Area will be preserved. West Park will replant trees, increase green space, help replenish the native plant content and positively contribute to the ecology and biodiversity of the Humber Valley.   

Q2. Why is West Park planning the new hospital on its current central lawn? 

A. Due to site constraints and the need to keep our existing buildings open and fully operational until the new facility is completed, planning the new hospital on the central lawn was necessary. The new building will reorient the campus to engage the Humber Valley, expand its green space and improve accessibility to its paths and gardens.  

Q3. The current plan has buildings at opposite ends and separated by pockets of green space, making it difficult for patients to travel from one end to the other. Why doesn’t West Park cluster all the buildings, so that everyone is adjacent to a shared green space?  

A. West Park is actually expanding its green space and improving access to new pathways and gardens throughout the campus. The new development will also ensure that patients or residents can access the outdoors from any building.

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