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 Construction Alert Map for Feb. 1, 2019  

What's happening?

The first major construction activity will take place on the south side of the West Park campus. These areas include the:

  • Main Visitors Parking Lot
  • Recreation Patio
  • Pathway between the Main Visitors Parking Lot and Main Building; and
  • West Park sign next to the Staff Parking Lot gate

EllisDon is preparing a path to reroute the fire and water lines into the Main Building. The work involves the removal of trees and excavation. 

This is the first in a series of activities to disentangle underground pipes that will clear the property for the excavation of the land for the new hospital building, which will begin later this year.

Refer to the map of the impacted areas above.


February 4 - April 4 (Approximately)

What and who will be impacted?

Trees will be removed in the areas listed above. 

Main Visitors Parking Lot
The Main Visitors Parking Lot will remain operational until further notice.

For now, drivers and pedestrians may experience inconveniences as they navigate around the area. As work progresses, there will be changes to the parking lot including:

  • a reduction in the number of available visitors parking spots; and 
  • access and directional changes to the entrance/exit of the parking lot.

When necessary, EllisDon will take appropriate measures to direct drivers and pedestrians such as providing clear signage and using traffic flaggers.

During the latter part of the work, patients and visitors may have to park in the Staff Parking Lot for a period of time, which we will communicate closer to the time.
Roadside Parking Closure on Buttonwood Avenue
For safety and in preparation for the construction activities in the area, roadside parking along Buttonwood Avenue within West Park’s new property lines have already been closed until further notice.

Recreation Therapy Patio and Surrounding Pathways 

Patients, staff and visitors who use the Recreation Therapy Patio and its surrounding pathways between the Main Visitors Parking Lot and Main Building will also be affected. There will be clear signage when this section is off limits. It will be re-opened once the work is completed. 

West Park sign next to the  Staff Parking Lot gate
There may be some disruption for pedestrians and vehicles around this area. Again, when necessary, EllisDon will take appropriate measures to direct pedestrians and drivers. 

Can the trees be repurposed?

West Park and EllisDon are exploring how we can repurpose some of the trees as part of the project. This may take the form of repurposing the trees into furniture and artwork.

Unfortunately, given the species of trees on campus, many of them are unsuitable to be repurposed. 

Also, according to our arborist report, many of our trees are in fair to poor condition due mainly to age and disease.

Questions or concerns

Please contact or 416-243-3600 ext. 2111.